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Affiliated Computer Services Inc. (ACS) was a company that provided information technology services as well as business process outsourcing solutions to businesses, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. ACS was based in Dallas, Texas. ACS was ranked at number 341 on the 2010 Fortune 500 list.

A former senior project manager mentioned, "Many of the great long-term senior management staff that contributed to the success of ACS was terminated and the quality of the work environment went downhill along with morale. They were replaced by shady cut-throats who had little concern for the quality of products and services and absolutely none for employees. Folks do not stay long anymore and turnover creates chaos."


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Revenue Cycle Team Member (Former Employee) says

"ACS, was a sweat shop for people just coming to the medical field a stepping stone to get beginners knowledge of medical terminology and learning the difference in profession and facility sides of healthcare."

Child Protective Specialist (Current Employee) says

"They give you heavy caseloads which leads to lots of stress. The other employees aren't welcoming to new employees. They don't care about your outside life, you must be forget about your own children to protect others."

Training Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Supported living should go beyond the company and into the community. Individual should be able to make choices on who they want to live with and not the company just putting another body in a empty room that may be available."

Janitor (Former Employee) says

"Left was unsatisfied with my work. Need to Happy with my WORK .and my WORK Never Got Better. Because No Pay Raise from the time I Started And until the Last work Day."

Trainee Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Workers and employees are very harsh, they don't listen to your concern at all. This company is totally fake steal money from the students by telling it will be refunded later."

Lead/Trainer (Former Employee) says

"Please don't work here the owner will have you working for him and don't pay you. Please be careful people he is not right at all. Bad bad company. They"

call center representative (Former Employee) says

"Was not a suitableposition for me . The reason being it was too fast paced and wasn't willing to modify and adjust to my disability. I asked the management of the company more than one time if they could plz modify my material for training so it would help me to learn faster and accommodate my disability. Unfortunately they were not willing to help with the necessary accomodations. A typical day at work was answering phones to angry customers as well as kind ones it all just depended upon there reasoning for calling the customer service line.ScheduleTraining"

Cleaner (Former Employee) says

"They r unfair except u to work like a slave for poor wages hardly any training is given then u r punished for not doing ur job correctly they pay u 25 cents a mile but only from site to site but u don’t get an hourly rate wile u r going from site to site they have their core values but they do not follow there own values but then will punish u if u don’t they r a poor company to work for"

Technico-commercial (Former Employee) says

"Ex employé de cette entreprise, je vous conseille de passer votre chemin car le management en place vous incite à "tordre" le client et plus particulièrement le 4 ème age. Lamentable......"

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"Highly recommended not to apply to this job unless your in desperate need of money. They do not train you well or care about anything about you in general. They act like they do but, don’t let them fool you. To me it’s a drama zone too that comes from office management itself they do gossip and put others down through the company. They will wrongfully fire you and give you bad references so, please think twice before you take this job.People in the buildings you clean forThe company and their lies"

Call Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Like the title says not worth your time. Horrible work experience from day one till the last day. For a company that deals with health insurance the insurance offered was substandard for their employees."

Team Leader/Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"ACS is a place to earn a few extra dollars and little more. The management style is poorly executed. Training is minimal and at times completely neglected. Their clients are often dissatisfied with their services."

Sprint Tech Support (Former Employee) says

"I worked with them on Sprint project for troubleshooting cellphones. I had a terrible experience while working here. I helped rude customers and fixed their issues and they still left bad customer service ratings. Management not organized"

Cardiac technician (Current Employee) says

"Nepotism runs rampant. Dishonest lying owner and a narcissistic sociopath VP who runs interference for the owner. If you enjoy constant lying and no raises or opportunities for advancement then this is your place. A " tech based" company who relies on a arcane and ancient form of wifi ( constantly down or slow) . Complete waste of timeNoneNo raises opportunities for advancement dismal pay discrimination and dishonest payroll"

Customer Services Agent (Former Employee) says

"this job was your typical call center job. you have the costumers who will still be mad no matter what you have done for them. you also get points taking even if you help the costumer and they report that you didnt."

Data Entry Operator II (Former Employee) says

"I really enjoyed my work there, but it was very overwhelming and stressful and you weren't compensated well for it. I trained in every department and they said they would give me a bonus and i never seen it the managers were lying to me to get me to do there job.enjoyed the work learned alotpoor management and overwhelming"

Metrology Supervisor/Accreditation Lead (Former Employee) says

"In my opinion stay away. You give your heart and soul to help them, however when the family that owns the company says they need money or are finished with you, they find any reason to get rid of you. Nasty atmosphere!!! Too many family members at the top and very unfair management in HR and executive rulers. Heaven forbid you are of old fashion, good loyalty and hard work ethics, they will sniff you out and out you go. Very bad environment to work.ZeroToo many to list."

Supervisor Networks and IT (Former Employee) says

"Very poor and untrustworthy management. Egomaniacal and two faced. Micromanagement, and no knowledege of staff or fiscal management. I was the 5th manager in 5 years, and the only one to last longer than 6 months. I laughed when we parted ways, as I knew the mess I was trying to untangle would be left in incompetent hands."

Stockroom (Former Employee) says

"Lots of gossips, people is lazy, no team work at all, manager are not professional, employees they curse each other fights all the time, bad hygiene, lot of smoke breaks, and lots of ignorant people, too many hours and no body appreciate your job, I don’t recommend this place at all. NO CHANCE TO GROW ...... DONT WALK..... RUN OUT OF THAT PLACEGood health insuranceNo professionalism at all, no team work."

Construction Manager / Sr. Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"Rules are followed very loosely, management does not have the employee best interest at hand and will turn on you quickly as possible. Projects are distributed without concern.NoneNone"

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